Welcome to CARD After School Enrichment classes. We hope you enjoy the classes that are being offered at your school. Before choosing your classes, please note the following:
  • Each class has a PARENT HANDBOOK and EMERGENCY FORM. Please print both and send the emergency form with your child on the first day of class. This should be given to the instructor.
  • If you have any questions, please contact CARD at 895-4711.
  • No Class 3/13-3/17.
Bricks 4 Kidz Handbook 
Emergency Form


April: Interesting Inventions

Have you ever wanted to invent something with your LEGO® bricks? Most objects we use on a daily basis were invented by someone. Find out the origins of things like the hand mixer, windshield wipers, and conveyor belts. During this unit, students will discuss the difference between an invention and a discovery, learn how inventions solve problems, and find out how inventors get the ideas patented. Each week students are encouraged to think of what they could invent, or improvements they could make to an existing object to solve a problem. So many things we use each day are someone’s invention. Bricks 4 Kidz will help introduce the world of ideas, creativity, inventions, and patents. Each model is motorized for maximum movement and fascination!

Course# Day Date Time Location  Fee 
385519 Th 4/6-4/27 2:35-3:35 PM Science Lab $52


May: Wheels in Motion

Do you have a need for speed? These wheels are ready to roll! Students will use LEGO® Bricks, axles, pulleys, gears, motors, and more to build a variety of models on wheels. Some are familiar vehicles, such as a fire engine and delivery truck. Other amazing models, such as the Rescue Robot and K-9 Bot will give students more to learn. Put your Speed Bot model to the test as you race against others using remote controls. We’ll explore concepts of speed and force, and gain non-vehicle knowledge from the unconventional Wheels in Motion models as well. Let’s roll!

Course# Day Date Time Location  Fee 
385520 Th 5/4-5/24 2:35-3:35 PM Science Lab $52