Afterschool Enrichment

Play Well School Enrichment Schedule  2017-18 School Year

Kids are natural engineers. We help them realize it.

What can you do with over 20,000 pieces of LEGO®? In our Engineering with LEGO® enrichment program, kids can take on real-life engineering challenges.  Kids are already naturally gifted creators.  Then they get added inspiration from our specially trained instructors.  They dive into our massive collections of LEGO®.  And while they build elaborate objects, structures and vehicles, they explore fundamental principles of engineering and physics.  They also learn to collaborate and create without fear of mistakes.  The experience is joyful, the impact long-lasting.


Our enrichment program is a multi-session course for elementary school students. Classes typically meet once per week for 90-minutes.


Students work individually, in teams, and as a group throughout the sessions. A short discussion and demonstration of the day’s topic starts each meeting. Children are given a design/building assignment at the beginning of the meeting. Instructors will provide individual assistance and instruction and facilitate challenges, performance testing, competitions, and modifications to projects. 


Fall Offerings

STEM Challenge

Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as Catapults, Pneumatic Cranes, Arch Bridges, and Battletracks! Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment.


Jedi Master Engineering

The Force Awakens in this advanced engineering course for young Jedi! Discover key engineering concepts such as gear trains, worm drives, pneumatics, and eccentric motion. Build projects using LEGO® materials such as X-Wings, AT-AT walkers, Pod Racers, Star Destroyers, Cloud Cities, Settlements, Fortresses, and other complex machines and structures from a galaxy far, far away. No prerequisite necessary.

Mine, Craft, Build Survival Game

Bring Minecraft to life using LEGO® materials! Resourcefulness, creativity, and cooperation come together in this unique building adventure game; roll the dice to mine for resources, craft tools, and watch out for Creepers! This ultimate Play-Well Minecraft experience using LEGO® materials is an original game designed by Play-Well instructors, using gameplay elements and characters inspired by the popular Minecraft video game. Students will have a blast, even without any prior experience with Minecraft or LEGO® materials.

Chico Creek Nature Center and PV Rec Center: