Pool Schedules and Fees

Pleasant Valley Pool Schedule

June 10th -August 20th
2320 North Avenue, 530-895-4703
Rec Swim Hours:
Monday - Thursday 1:00-3:45PM
Friday- Sunday 1:00-4:00PM
*No Rec Swim on July 4th
Family Swim Hours
Monday & Wednesday 7:30-8:45PM
Tuesday & Thursday 6:45-8:45PM
ay- Sunday 1:00-4:00PM


Pleasant Valley Poo
General Admission
(Rec & Family Swim)
 Summer Family Swim Pass*
(up to 6 people)
* The Family Swim Pass is good June 12th through August 20th. Pass may be used for Recreational Swimming and/or Family Swim by immediate family members and is valid at Pleasant Valley pool. The swim pass cannot be used for swim lessons.
 in fee $4.00 per day
Drop in fee $4.00 per day
Drop in fee $4.00 per day
Drop in fee $4.00 per day

Sycamore Pool at One-Mile Recreation Area

June 3rd - September 4th
Bidwell Park - Vallombrosa Way  530-895-4711
  Lifeguard on Duty:  Friday - Wednesday 12:00-7:00 PM
   Closed Thursday for cleaning
  Monday- Wednesday 12:30-6:30

Rent a Lifeguard for your next at- home pool party!

Pool Fees: Parties are booked in 2 hour time blocks.

1-30 people - $100 for first 2 hours (2 Lifeguards)

31-75 people - $150 for first 2 hours  (3 Lifeguards)

76-100 people -$200 for first 2 hours (4 Lifeguards)

($50 for each additional hour)

For more information, please email the Aquatics Coordinator at mmapes@chicorec.com.