Flag Football/Kickball/Ultimate Frisbee

Little Tykes Flag Football

FALL & SPRING Little Tykes Flag Football

Little Tykes Flag Football includes more fun and more game play! This instructional program is open to all youth in K-2 grade.  Coaches will work with players the first two weeks to introduce the sport of football using basic skill techniques and formations.  The last four weeks there will be 20 minute practices and a formal 40 minute game each day. Fundamentals and simple game strategy will be taught throughout the entire program.  Show up the first day and be ready to play! You will not be contacted by a coach for this program. Program will be held at DeGarmo Park.  General youth sports jersey is optional, but highly recommended (can be purchased at the CARD Office, $15).

Fall Option
Course #:
Day Date Time Fee  
1364 K-1st Th 
9/14-10/12 4:15-5:15PM
1365 K-1st Th  9/14-10/12  5:30-6:30PM $45   


Youth Flag Football Leagues

FALL Youth Flag Football Leagues (2nd-8th grade in fall 2017)
Nothing says fall like football! Join our fun recreational flag football league. General youth sports jersey is mandatory and can be purchased at the CARD Office for $15.
  • Early Bird Registration Deadline: 8/6/17 ($59)
  • Final Registration Deadline: 8/13/17 ($69)

General Information

Practices: Practices are dependent on the coach’s availability.

Games: Games will run early September through mid-October. Games will be played any time between 4-7pm. Each game is approximately one hour. All game days are tentative and are subject to change.

  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade: Tuesdays
  • 5th and 6th Grade: Thursdays
  • 7th and 8th Grade: Wednesdays

Locations: Practice location is dependent on each team’s coach. Games will be played at DeGarmo Park.

Team Formation: All teams will be formed using our team formation procedure. Grades will be combined if there aren’t enough players to sustain a league. This will be determined after the registration deadline. All team formation is at the discretion of the Recreation staff.

Skills Evaluation:  CARD will contact participants for a skills evaluation if needed.

Interested in Coaching? Find more information and a volunteer application online at, www.chicorec.com/CARD-Programs/Athletics/Coaching-Resources/

Grade player is entering in fall 2017
2nd Grade
Course #:10
3rd Grade
Course #:11
4th Grade
Course #:12
5th Grade
Course #:13
6th Grade
Course #:14
7th Grade
Course #:15
8th Grade
Course #:16

Adult Flag Football Leagues

Fall Adult Flag Football

Early Registration Deadline: 8/4
Final Registration Deadline: 8/11
Dates:    8/30-9/2
Times:    6:00-10:10 PM
Games:    Eight guaranteed, including playoffs
Fee:    $385 by 8/4, $425 after 8/4
League# Division   Day
1752 Men’s Open
(based on field availability, must be prepared to play any day)

Kickball & Ultimate Frisbee

Adult Sports Information
Game times will be between 6:00-10:30pm. Times and locations may vary based on field availability. All teams in the league will have an 8 game guarantee.

League Information:

All league information will be posted on our website and at the CARD Office a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline. CARD will do everything possible to keep dates similar from year to year. However, minor changes are possible.

Each league has a set number of spaces available for teams. Those numbers are determined by field or facility availability, night of play and level of ability.

All nights and locations listed are subject to change at the discretion of the sports department.

Roster Requirements: All players must sign a CARD Roster or Add/Drop form.

Fall Co-Ed Kickball
Fall Ultimate Frisbee
Course #:
Early Registration Deadline:
8/4 8/4
Late Registration Deadline:
League Dates: 9/1-11/2