For program, league and field updates due to inclement weather, please call (530) 895-4711 ext. 3 one hour before your program is scheduled to start.
Adult Sports League Registration and Roster Information

League Information, registration dates and rule packets: All league information will be posted on our website and at the CARD Office a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the registration deadline. CARD will do everything possible to keep dates similar from year to year. However, minor changes are possible.

Each league has a set number of spaces available for teams. Those numbers are determined by field or facility availability, night of play and level of ability.

All nights and locations listed are subject to change at the discretion of the sports department.

Roster Requirements: All players must sign a CARD Roster or Add/Drop form. Any team caught with player(s) that have not officially signed a CARD Roster or Add/Drop form will be fined $50, and the manager will be suspended for 1 game.  The fee must be paid before the next game or the entire team cannot participate.