Dance Classes at Kinetics

Kinetics dance studio offers a wide variety of dance classes for all ages. Look through the descriptions below and choose the class that would be perfect for you or your child. All classes are monthly with new sessions starting at the beginning of each month. Dancewear and shoes are available for purchase at the studio. Kinetics Academy of Dance, 627 Broadway.  All fees are due monthly. 


Baby Ballet 
Three little kittens lost their mittens and they danced away to find them! What if we sprinkled fairy dust on our toes and flew to Fairyland? Tutus, feathers, fairy wands, stories, and tons of props make these dance classes fun and engaging!  Black leotard, pink tights, and pink ballet shoes are required and can be purchased at Kinetics Academy of Dance. No class 3/13, 3/15, & 3/18.

Level 1 (Age 2)
 Course # Day Dates  Time Age Fee  
2807  4/5-4/26  10:15-11:00 AM  $50 
 Course # Day Dates  Time Age Fee  
287942  4/3-4/24  11:15-12:00 PM  $50 
Level 3 (Ages 3.5-5) 

 Course # Day Dates  Time Age Fee
287963  4/5-4/26  6:00-6:45 PM  3.5-5  $50 
 Course # Day Dates  Time Age Fee
287956  Sa  4/1-4/29  10:15-11:00 AM  4-5  $50 


Ballet I (Ages 5-6)

Calling all Princes and Princesses! Experience the joy of dance in this beginning ballet class. Skip like a princess, walk like a queen, and leap like a unicorn! Bring your imagination to this fun ballet class. Classical ballet is taught with a creative twist! Black leotard, pink tights and pink ballet shoes are required and can be purchased at Kinetics. No class 3/14 & 3/18.

 Course #  Day  Dates  Time Age Fee  
35938  4/4-4/25  3:30-4:30 PM  5-6  $54 
1:15 -2:15 PM 

Tap-N-Tumble, Junior

Learn the basics of tap with a dose of tumbling for good measure! This class covers the fundamentals of tap, along with musicality, rhythm games, tumbling, and an obstacle course. Lots of fun for girls and boys. Please wear a black leotard, pink tights, and black tap shoes for girls. Boys should wear a white top, black bottoms, and black tap shoes. Dance wear and shoes are available for purchase at Kinetics Academy of Dance. No class 3/14.

 Course # Day  Dates Time Age  Fee  
35951  Sa  4/1-4/29  12:15-1:00 PM  3-6  $50 
 Course # Day  Dates Time Age  Fee
35958  Tu  4/4-4/25  4:30-5:30 PM  4-6  $54   



This class is a great introduction to a beautiful dance style! Contemporary (or Lyrical) dance is what style that hovers somewhere between ballet and jazz, encompassing endless freedom of movement and expression. No class 2/20 & 3/13.

Course #  Day Dates  Time Age Fee  
36040  4/3-4/24  5:00-6:00 PM  9-12  $54 


Fancy Feet Dance

Professional dancer? Just beginning? This dance floor is waiting for you to take a spin. As the music plays, reminisce of the old days. Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing and more! Don’t miss this opportunity to dance and enjoy the company of others! Doors open at 6:00 PM. All dances at the CARD Community Center. 

Day Band Time Fee Age 
1st  Tues DJ Miro 6:30-9:00 PM $7 16+
2nd Tues No Dance

3rd Tues Cottonwood 6:30-9:00 PM $8 16+
4th Tues Charlie Robinson  6:30-9:00 PM $8 16+
5th Tues No Dance 


Friday Night Fancy Feet

Scheduled for the 3rd Friday of each month, the Friday Night Fancy Feet Dance offers a dance class at 6:30 PM. The class is included in the price of admission and, as usual, no partner is required! Doors open at 6:00 PM. CARD Community Center. 

Day   Band  Time Fee 
3rd F    DJ Miro 7:30-10:00 PM $7 


Hula/Tahitian Dance

Dance to the rhythm of the Islands! We will take you on an exciting island style journey as you learn basic footwork, hip movements, and hand gestures of the graceful art of Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance. No previous dance experience required. Instructor: Maricel Kealani and Judy Hamamoto. CARD Community Center, Room 1&2.  No Class 4/15.

Course #  Day  Dates  Times  Age  Fee   
 17536  Sa  4/1-4/22  9:45-10:45 AM



Similar to tap dance, but less formal, clogging is a fun way to get some exercise! Enjoy dancing to all kinds of music and learn some new dance steps. No partner required.   Instructor: Charlene Togstad. PV Recreation Center, Room 1. 

Intermediate 2
Course# Day Date  Time Age Fee  
11175  3/21-4/25  6:30-7:45 PM  9+  $30 
Intermediate 3
Course# Day Date  Time Age Fee  
11185  3/21-4/25  5:00-6:30 PM  9+  $30 


World Dance: Beginning-Advanced

Line, circle, or couple dances from around the world. You’ll dance to music from countries such as Romania, Russia, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Israel, France, and The United States. This class teaches basic world dance steps and informs you about World Dance events locally and abroad. Instructor: Memo Keswick. PV Rec Center, Social Hall. *Minors may attend class if accompanied by an adult. Substitute teachers may occur. Discount rates available ($20 for 4 in same family.)

Course# Day Date  Time Age Fee  
18629  Th  4/6-4/27  6:00-8:30 PM  10+  $20 


World Dance Vocal Class

Learn to sing World Dance songs! The class instructor may use the internet to “connect live” to professional singers and musicians living outside the local area. World Dance music is often in odd time meters, e.g., 7/8, 9/8, etc. Music materials will be provided.  Sunday morning class times are due to the large time difference between the USA and Europe. Instructor: Memo Keswick. PV Rec Center, Social Hall. *Some classes will be held at Lakeside Pavilion **Minors may attend class if accompanied by an adult.

Course# Day Date Time Age Fee  
18835  Su  3/26  9:00-10:00 AM  15+  $10 
18839  Su  4/23  9:00-10:00 AM  15+  $10