Fitness Classes at Chico Sports Club

Pilates Mat Class
A comprehensive, whole-body system of exercise created by Joseph Pilates that balances the body’s muscles, increases core strength, and improves flexibility. Chico Sports Club (260 Cohasset Rd). 

Course# Day Date Time Age Fee  
17366  T/Th  3/7-4/27  9:00-9:55 AM  18+  $70   


Aqua Intervals
This class is designed to give both a cardiovascular and strength workout using aqua dumb bells, noodles, music, and other aqua tools. Relax in the warm water of CSC’s Therapy pool while experiencing new ways to add spice to your exercising routine. This class is open to adults at all levels of mobility. Chico Sports Club (260 Cohasset Rd). 

Course # Day Dates     Time Age Fee  
17136  3/10-4/28  10:45-11:30 AM  18+  $65  
17137  5/5-6/30 10:45-11:30 AM  18+  $65  


Aqua Yoga
Combining the benefits of stretch, relaxation, and deep breathing with buoyancy and water resistance. No prior yoga experience or swimming knowledge needed. Increase your range of motion and relaxation using the benefits of warm water. Aqua yoga is great exercise for people with joint issues, injuries, or arthritis. Start your day with a soothing, yet invigorating, workout. Chico Sports Club (260 Cohasset Rd).  

Course # Day Dates     Time Age Fee  
172211  MWF  3/6-3/31  7:45-8:30 AM  18+  $60 
172212  MWF  4/3-4/28  7:45-8:30 AM  18+  $60