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Elementary Basketball Leagues

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1st-5th Grade League Information & Registration

Each 1st-5th grade league will feature one practice a week (day and time based on gym availability) and one game on Saturdays. Genders will be seperated in divisions. Practice day and time is determined by your volunteer coach. All teams are guaranteed to have at least one hour of indoor practice space per week.  We work to to facilitate a positive and fun environment that uses basketball as a tool to promote health, confidence, teamwork, leadership, integrity and more. General youth sports jerseys are mandatory and can be purchased at the CARD Office for $15.

Players will be emailed their team information before practices are scheduled to start.

1st-3rd Early Bird Registration Deadline: 10/7/19 ($43)

1st-3rd Final Regstiration Deadline: 10/14/19 ($53)


1st Grade BOYS I Course # 5429 I Click here to register

2nd Grade BOYS I Course # 5431 I Click here to register

3rd Grade BOYS I Course # 5433 I Click here to register


1st Grade GIRLS I Course # 5430 I Click here to register

2nd Grade GIRLS I Course # 5432 I Click here to register

3rd Grade GIRLS I Course # 5434 I Click here to register


4th-5th Early Bird Registration Deadline: 11/19/19 ($57)

4th-5th Final Registration Deadline: 11/26/19 ($67)


4th Grade BOYS I Course # 5435 I Click here to register

5th Grade BOYS I Course # 5436 I Click here to register


4th Grade GIRLS I Course # 5437 I Click here to register

5th Grade GIRLS I Course # 5438 I Click here to register

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Buddy/Special Request: Do you have one friend you want to request your player to play with or do you have a special coach/practice request you need to let us know about? Go to to fill out a Buddy Request/Special Request form by the registration deadline!

Buddy Request: Do you have one friend you want to request your player to play with? Go to to fill out a Buddy Request.

Practices: Practice day and times are determined by your volunteer coach and availability. Practices are dependent on available gym space. Volunteer coaches get to pick their practice slot based on when they turn in their volunteer application.


  • 1st-3rd Grade Leagues: Saturdays from 11/2/12/14 (no games on 11/30),5 game guarentee per team)
  • 4th-5th Grade Leagues: Saturdays from 1/11-3/77 game guarentee per team

Locations: Practice and game locations are dependent on available gym space. Locations will include “Arron Ray Clark Memorial” Field House, the Dorothy F. Johnson Center and other community gyms.

Team Formation: All teams will be formed using our team formation procedure. Genders will be seperated. Grades will be combined if there aren’t enough players to sustain a league.  This will be determined after the registration deadline. All team formation is at the discretion of the Recreation staff.

Skills Evaluation: Staff will contact participants for a skills evaluation if a skills evaluation is needed.

Volunteers: We need volunteers to coach in this league! FIll out an application and find out more information

Volunteer Application- Youth Sports. Fillable PDF.pdf

Extra Information:

  • Seating is limited at all locations. Please bring a chair if you have one available.
  • Due to safety, spectators are not allowed to sit behind any service line.
  • Due to the size of the league and not being affiliated with any school district, we are unable to change the game schedule (including days/times) once it's posted live.
  • There is no tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior from players, parents, or spectators. All persons in the gym are expected to follow CARD's Code of Conduct.
  • Persons or players participating in activities sponsored by CARD are not covered in any way for personal liability, property damage, medical injuries, etc.