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After School Program

AM/PM School Schedule Child Supervision

While children are attending AM/PM school, CARD is providing on campus child supervision from 7:30am-5:30pm. Space is very limited. To add your child to the interest list, click HERE

AM Care (for PM school children)

  • Hours are 7:30am- PM school start time
  • Cost is $80 per week

PM Care (for AM school children)

  • Hours are AM school end time to end of the school day (times vary by school)
  • Cost is $75 per week

After School Care

  • Hours are from end of PM school time to 5:30pm
  • Cost is $60 per week
Youth Programs Policies- 2021.pdf


2021-2022 After School Programs

The CARD After School Program will resume when schools return to their traditional learning model/Tier 3. Space in the programs may be limited due to state child care guidelines.

At this time, it is not confirmed that the 2021-22 school year will start in the traditional learning model. To add your child to our waiting list for the 2021-2022 school year, click HERE.


Blue Oak Charter School

CARD is offering an After School Program Monday through Thursday from 12:15-5:30pm for kinder-5th grades at Blue Oak Charter School.

Click HERE to registerSince the program has already started, please sign up for the waiting list and we will contact you to register at a prorated fee.

  • Grades: Kinder-5th grades
  • Days: Monday through Thursday
  • Times: 12:15-5:30pm
  • Fee: $80 per week


  • Masks- Children must wear a face mask at all times. Please send your child with a backup mask.
  • Food- Lunch/snacks are not provided. Your child is welcome to participate in the school lunch program or bring their own lunch and snacks. 
  • Emergency Form- Please print and complete and bring to program on your child's first day
Emergency Form 2020 - Child Care Programs- fillable.pdf



    Please review Youth Programs Policies prior to enrolling your child.

    Youth Programs Policies- 2021.pdf


    Mask Information

    Face coverings have been mandated by the state of California for whenever you will be near someone you do not live with. Staff and children must wear face masks at all times. We are firm on this policy for the safety of staff and participants.

    If your child has a medical need that prohibits them from wearing a mask, the attached form is required AND the child must wear a face shield.  We are firm on this policy for the safety of staff and participants. 

    Health Policies

    If your child becomes ill at the program, you will be notified and must arrange to have your child picked up immediately.  If your child is sent home during the school day due to an illness, they are not permitted to attend the CARD program. Once your child is cleared to attend school, they are welcome to return to the program.  Please notify staff if your child has been exposed to any contagious disease or condition, for example COVID-19, chicken pox, lice, mumps, measles, etc., so we can notify other parents immediately.

    • Do not send your child to school if they are not feeling well or have a temperature over 100.4°.
    • If a child indicates they do not feel well, you will be called for immediate pick up.
    • If a child has COVID symptoms, they may not return to the program until they are symptom free for 14 days or have a negative COVID test. If ill for other reasons, they cannot return to the program until symptom free.


    We cannot guarantee your child will not contract COVID-19. If you choose to send your child to a CARD program, you are doing so with the understanding that there is potential risk of exposure.

    Should we be made aware of a participant or staff member testing positive, we will work with Butte County Public Health to determine notification and next steps. Each situation is different and will need to be managed on a case by case basis. Responses may range from self-quarantine of those directly exposed to closure of the program for a specified time.

    • Participants must stay home if they show any symptoms of illness including fever, cough or flu-like symptoms.
    • At check-in, parents and participants will use hand sanitizer before approaching the table.
    • Once the participant is signed-in, they will be directed to their group. Parents may not enter the program facilities.
    • Due to social distancing guidelines, enrollment in most programs has been reduced.

    Behavior Expectations

    Below are the behavior expectations for all children. If behavior expectations are not being met, staff will use their best judgment when deciding what level of discipline is most appropriate for the circumstances.

    • Be Safe (includes staying with the group, keeping hands and feet to themselves) 
    • Be Respectful (includes listening and following directions, using appropriate language, being kind to others, using equipment properly)
    • Be Responsible (includes using the restroom independently/no bathroom accidents, keeping track of personal items, telling the truth)

    CARD programs are committed to being safe and enjoyable places for all. Our programs maintain set ratios and are not designed for one on one care. Staff may choose to suspend or expel a child from the program for reoccurring behavioral concerns or for extreme situations.

    CARD will not tolerate participants compromising the safety of themselves or others, causing or threatening physical injury to another person, bringing weapons or illegal contraband to the program, or vandalizing the program equipment or space. Any of these actions or other actions deemed dangerous, illegal, or harmful will result in immediate expulsion from the program.

    Bathroom Expectations

    All children must be able to use the restroom independently and have the ability to clean and change themselves in the case of a bathroom accident. In the event of a bathroom accident, staff will contact parents/guardians to request immediate pick-up or clothing change. Reoccurring bathroom accidents may result in removal from the program.

      Late Pick Up Fees

      Your child must be picked up no later than the program end time. A late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute is charged for the first 3 instances. The late fee increases to $5.00 per minute starting on the 4th instance. If your child is picked up late 6 times, they will be removed from the program. 

      Code of Conduct

      To ensure the safety of all children and staff in our programs, individuals are responsible for adhering to the program rules and policies whenever at the program. This includes use of appropriate language, a civil tone of voice, calm demeanor, respecting personal space, and maintaining professional boundaries. Any person who does not meet conduct expectations will be asked to leave the premises immediately and the participant may be removed from the program.