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Afternoon Enrichment Camps

Mask Information

Face coverings have been mandated by the state of California for whenever you will be near someone you do not live with. Our staff will be wearing face covering at all times. For the safety of all staff and participants, children must wear a face mask when attending CARD programs except when:

  • When sitting at their assigned workstation and 6 feet apart
  • Outside AND more than 6 feet apart
  • Participating in activities that require running or physical exertion

If your child has a medical need that prohibits them from wearing a mask, the attached form is required AND the child must wear a face shield.  We are firm on this policy for the safety of staff and participants. Please click here for more information.


We cannot guarantee your child will not contract COVID-19. If you choose to send your child to a CARD program, you are doing so with the understanding that there is potential risk of exposure.

Should we be made aware of a participant or staff member testing positive, we will work with Butte County Public Health to determine notification and next steps. Each situation is different and will need to be managed on a case by case basis. Responses may range from self-quarantine of those directly exposed to closure of the program for a specified time.

  • Participants must stay home if they show any symptoms of illness including fever, cough or flu-like symptoms.
  • At check-in, parents and participants will use hand sanitizer before approching the table.
  • Once the participant is signed-in, they will be directed to their group. Parents may not enter the program facilities.
  • Due to social distancing guidelines, enrollment in most programs has been reduced.

Accommodation and Inclusion

We are happy to work with those who have special needs to ensure equal access to our recreation programs. Please refer to the Accommodations Policy and Request Form for more information.  Please note that participants in need of reasonable accommodations must register for an activity or program and submit a completed Accommodation Request Form no later than fifteen (15) business days before the start date of an activity or program.  CARD will need at least fifteen (15) business days after the Accommodation Request Form is submitted to determine whether it can reasonably provide an accommodation.  If you have any questions, please contact us at (530) 895-4711. 

Reasonable Accommodations Policy.pdf

Accommodation Request Form.pdf

Emergency Life Saving Medication

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For child care programs including After School Programs, Camps, and Preschool, if your child needs emergency life saving medication, required paperwork (Authorization for Emergency Life Saving Medication Administration) must be returned to the CARD office at least two business days prior to the start of program. 

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Emergency - Auth for ER Life Saving Medication.pdf