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AI Explorers

On-Line Computer classes by Create & Learn
Founded by Former Product Director at Google and Senior Tech Lead at Apple and Uber, Create & Learn offers the Best Online Coding Classes for Children in K-12. 

  • Our curricula are developed by tech experts from top companies like Google, experienced teachers, and graduates from Stanford, MIT, and Harvard.
  • We offer the most comprehensive computer learning for kids from beginner coding to state-of-art technologies built by Google and Amazon.
  • All classes are live online led by teachers with small class sizes
  • Classes are taught by highly qualified teachers who are passionate about Computer Science education.
  • 100% project-based learning develops creativity and critical thinking skills.


AI Explorers

From R2-D2 in Star Wars to Transformers, AI and robots have been our fascination for generations. Now it is closer and more pervasive than ever. With the latest developments in technologies, AI can now beat highest ranking Go players, compose music, read medical images better than average doctors, and so much more. 



This is the first class of the fun and engaging series that introduce students to the world of AI. They will start to learn the key concepts in AI, and moreover, get first-hand experiences with cutting edge AI applications in image recognition, chatbot, and machine learning, etc., all in an age-appropriate way. We also build a small imagine recognition program in the class. With our small class size, world-class curriculum, and team projects, kids will also get ample opportunities to exercise their creativity, critical thinking, and communication skills. Registration closes 2 days prior to start date. Zoom link will be sent out prior to the first class.

Grades: 4-7
Fee: $65

Course #7865
Fridays | 3/5 - 3/26 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM - Register Online