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Among Us: Unplugged

May contain: graphics and art

Calling all agents. There is an imposter among us! We need you to use your special skills and deductive reasoning to determine who is sus and help us take them down. Hone your spy skills with special lessons that will teach you how to tell when someone is lying, how to go undetected and gain trust, and other important abilities that every spy needs.  Campers will need to bring a smartphone to play the new hit game Among Us and learn how to solve the case quickly as an expert detective and pull off impressive imposter plays. All competitions will be held in private lobbies with supervision. Campers will spend less than 30 minutes per day playing the game on their phone.  

Instructors: Chico Princess Parties
Location: Chico Mall

Age: 6-12
Fee: $125

M-F |  8/1 - 8/5 | 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM Register Online