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Basics of Digital Photography

If you have any digital SLR, mirrorless or point and shoot camera with control of Sensitivity, Shutter Speed and Aperture, learn to fully understand how to use your camera to capture superb pictures beyond even the best smart phone camera. Technical aspects of the camera will become easy to understand, as well as how to continually improve your photos well after completion of this class. Camera functions become building blocks for your own vision. Whether a beginner or intermediate, become an increasingly better photographer. Bring your camera, memory card, manual, lenses, a fully charged battery and desire for learning. Monday and Wednesday evening classes are two parts of the complete 6-hour class. The complete Saturday includes a one hour break for lunch.  

Instructor: Dave Bermann, (redacted).
Location: M/W class is at CARD Community Center.  Saturday class is at PV Recreation Center, 2320 North Ave.

Ages 14+
Fee $60

Course #3524
M/W | 10/8 - 10/10 | 6:00 - 9:00 PM - Register Online

Course #3525
Saturday | 10/13 | 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM - R​egister Online​