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Beginning Spanish

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This course will help a person's study in the grammar, structure, and flow of the Spanish language. It is for those folks finding ways to learn (or improve their) "Beginning Spanish" but need additional "motivation", e.g., structure of a class.  The instructor's goal will be to help guide participants further in their own pursuit of Spanish fluency.  Spanish fluency doesn't happen overnight. But...through dedication and "step by step" learning it does come!  Spanish-speaking guests may take part in the class. Contact instructor at regarding the class.

This class will be using the book "Complete Spanish Step-by-Step Premium 2nd edition", by Barbara Bregstein. It is available on Amazon:

Memo Keswick earned a bachelor's degree in Spanish which included studying abroad for a year & a half in Mexico City.  He has worked with Spanish speakers, traveled in Spanish speaking countries and continues to study Spanish abroad.  From his home in Chico, CA he currently leads a weekly ZOOM Spanish conversation class.

Instructor: Memo Keswick

Ages: 16+
Fee: varies by month

Course #7126
Wednesdays | 10/7 - 10/28 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM | $40 - Register Online

Course #7127
Wednesdays | 11/4 - 11/18 | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM | $30 - Register Online