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CARD All Stars!

CARD has some very passionate people. Some are in the front of all the action at all our parks and facilities, some work hard behind the scenes to make sure we keep helping you PLAY! We want to give everyone here at CARD a huge shoutout for their creativity, dedication, tireless & countless hours of work making CARD great. 




Ann Willmann - General Manager

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Ann Willmann

Ann has worked in recreation since she was 16 years old. She credits her mother for her career. She was the one that suggested she get a degree in Recreation.

After graduating from Chico State, Ann has had great experiences working for both Cities and Special Districts. She has worked at the Greater Vallejo Recreation District, City of Davis, City of Sausalito, Strawberry Recreation District and now CARD.

This is not her first job at CARD. In the late 80’s she worked at the afterschool program while she attended Chico State. After returning to Chico with her husband and 3 children, she returned to CARD in 2006 as a Recreation Supervisor and had opportunities in many program areas within the organization. In 2013, she left CARD to become the General Manager of the Feather River Recreation and Park District. In 2015, the General Manager position opened in Chico and she saw it as an opportunity to come home. She has now been the GM for almost 5 years at CARD.

Ann strongly believes that every community deserves a quality Parks and Recreation Department and she is proud of the team she works with to provide these services in Chico. 

 Steve Buck - Customer Service Representative

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Steve Buck

Steve has worked in recreation since 2007, starting with Young Life in San Diego while in college. After completing a degree in Recreation Management from San Diego State University, he worked for the City of Coronado renting out parks and recreation facilities and coordinating events.

 In 2012, Steve and his wife moved back to their hometown of Chico, and he has been working with CARD ever since. Steve participated in CARD camps and sports as a child, and you can still find him playing in the CARD adult soccer leagues or playing at the various parks with his 3 boys.

Carlos Borbon - Utility II 

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Carlos Borbon

Carlos moved to Chico in 1994 to attend Chico State.  During that first year here, he began working part time in landscaping and found it to be very rewarding.  Much of his time has been spent working on many of the places people go to enjoy.  He had a hand in installing many of the CARD neighborhood parks, worked on most local golf courses and many of your neighbors’ yards.  As his passion grew, he obtained a landscape contractors license and he and his wife started their own business in 2004.  The main focus was to provide a place for clients to play, relax and enjoy some time outside. 

Carlos came on with CARD in 2011.  His time here has allowed him to maintain the same focus but on a bigger scale.  His dedication to providing this service is shared with CARD and the Community Park staff. “I can speak for the crew to say it is a pleasure to ready the park for the enjoyment and safe usage for many of you in the community,” Carlos said. “Please come out and play, relax or just spend some time in the outdoors!”

 Ed Johnson - Facilities Coordinator

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Ed Johnson

Ed Johnson has been working in recreation since he was 18. He first started with CARD in 2001 as a lifeguard, then moved on during the school year to an afterschool program leader.

In 2004, he moved to Sacramento to finish his degree at Sacramento State University in the Field of Recreation Administration, but returned every summer to CARD, as a lifeguard.

After Finishing his degree, he worked for city of Lodi then moved to Southgate Parks and Recreation, before coming back in 2007 to CARD.

“CARD is an amazing place to work,” he said. “I get the opportunity to share my love for recreation with my community but most of all my wife and 2 kids on a daily basis.”


Jon Buck - Finance Specialist

Jon Buck

Jon started working at CARD in 2018. He completed his degree in Finance from San Diego State University and worked in the Hospitality and Financial Services industries before coming to work in the Finance department at CARD. He grew up in Chico and participated in camps like Camp Chi-Da-Ca as a kid and still participates in the adult soccer leagues.

“I love being able to work for an organization that provides so many opportunities for all ages in the community to enjoy getting outside and staying active!”


Luke Pyle - Lead Maintenance 

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Luke Pyle

"My Name is Luke Pyle and I am the Lead Maintenance Worker of the East Chico Crew. I enjoy the outdoors, have a passion for horticulture, and take pride in serving my community. Working for CARD in the parks department allows for all the above and to get paid at the same time. I love my job! "