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Flag Football League


All teams will be practicing on Mondays at DeGarmo Park! See below for important League Information.

Early Bird Registration Deadline: 3/9/22 ($69)
Final Registration Deadline: 3/16/22 ($79)

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Keep your Mondays and Wednesdays open for some spring football! A general youth sports jersey is mandatory and can be purchased at the CARD Office for $15. All players must provide and wear a mouth guard at practices and games. Mini Leagues will feature a 5-game guarantee for each team (no end of season tournament) and one practice a week during the season.

Teams will be formed by the discretion of CARD staff and if necessary, skills evaluations (mini-leagues are not formed by school).

Registration is available in all leagues based on the number of staff/volunteers available and facility space. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Click here to review CARD's COVID guidelines.

UPDATES: Players will be emailed their team information (from an address) by 4/1/22 by 5 PM. Practices will start the week of April 4. Games will start the week of April 11.

PRACTICE DAYS: All teams will practice on Mondays at DeGarmo Park. Practice time slots will vary by division, but will all start at or after 5 PM. Practices will run 4/4-5/9 (including 4/18).

GAMES: Game schedules are posted at Games will be on Wednesdays at DeGarmo Park (Tuesday will be used as a backup game day based on the total number of teams that are in the league). Game slots will vary by team and will be between 4-8 PM. Games will run on 4/13-5/11. The game schedule will be posted at by 4/1 by 5 PM.

UNIFORMS: Players will be required to wear a CARD General Youth Sports jersey- available at the CARD office to purchase for $15, athletic clothing (preferably no red or yellow shorts), athletic shoes, and a mouth guard for all practices and games. Please note that players will not be allowed to participate in games without a mouthguard!

COACHES: Coaches in the 3rd-5th grade league will be volunteers. Coaches in the 6th-8th grade league will be paid CARD staff.

BUDDY REQUESTS: One buddy request can be made during the registration process. Coach and practice requests will not be accepted. Please read the buddy request process closely when registering to ensure it is valid.

TEAM FORMATION: All team formation is at the discretion of CARD staff. If CARD staff feels if necessary, a skills evaluation will be held. Please note that “Mini Leagues” are not formed by school to allow players to make new friends, and expand their social circles. Grades will be combined if there are not enough players in a specific grade to run a league on its own (for example 3rd/4th may combine into one league if necessary) Skills Evaluations:  CARD will contact participants for mandatory skills evaluation if needed.  

WEATHER & AIR QUALITY: All changes to field conditions and weather updates (rain, air quality, etc) will be made one hour before your scheduled practice or game at