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Group Ukelele Lessons

Aloha Bruddah! Join our Master Ukulele Players for a group weekly class exploring music making in a fun environment. Did you know that learning just three chords and 7 strum patterns allows you to play over 500 popular songs? Bring your ‘uke - or grab one here - and you’ll literally crack up with laughter when you realize just how many songs you can play with these three chords. You’ll finally have an instrument you can travel around town or around the world with, opening doors everywhere speaking the universal language of music. Only at Apollo School of Music.

Instructor: Apollo School of Music
Location: Apollo School of Music, 936 Mangrove Ave

Ages 7-13
Fee $65

Course# 5933
Thursdays | 5/7 - 5/28 | 4:00 - 4:45 PM - Register Online


Ages 14+
Fee $65

Course# 5938
Wednesdays | 5/6 - 5/27 | 6:00 - 6:45 PM - Register Online