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Growing Old, Getting Strong 

This program is fitness like you have never seen it. Rather than a boring, obligation based, unproductive exercise program, Growing Old Getting Strong will be fun, purpose driven and more productive than anything you have done before, and it will give you the keys to unlock the door that stands between you and re-learning the joy that movement can bring. 

Designed by an older adult for older adults these classes will put you back in touch with your body and give you the tools to move better and feel better. It is my belief that training structured around increasing mobility, increasing strength, increasing balance, and increasing endurance will enhance your life when you take these skills with you into the world outside the class. I emphasize better before more and show you how to find the intensity in simplicity. My goal is to enable you to regain the excitement that freedom of movement can bring and take that excitement into your daily life. 

Instructor: Michael Campi
Location: Wildwood Park, meet at the covered picnic tables.

Ages: 40+
Fee: $65

Course #10821
Sa | 4/15 - 5/20 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM Register Online

Course #10822
Sa | 5/27 - 7/1 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM Register Online