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Kidz Music Club: Little Mozarts

May contain: stage, concert, crowd, person, lighting, clothing, footwear, shoe, electrical device, and microphone

This class is designed for young children who love music but aren’t quite ready to jump straight into learning an instrument. By playing fun games and crafts (and lots of singing and dancing!), kids learn basics like rhythm, pitch recognition, and important music theory terms so that they all have strong musical foundation. This class can even be taken by children who don’t ever intend on learning an instrument. Music Education teaches so much more than just music! Children will learn self-awareness, sensory and cognitive skills, group collaboration, decision making and critical thinking, the value of hard work and practice, that making mistakes is normal, how to overcome fear, and how to never give up. And to top it off, we also include music history lessons as well as introduce music from different cultures from around the world!

Instructor: Teacher Tori
Location: 2550 CA-32, Chico 

Ages: 4-7
Fee: $75

Course #11408
M | 5/1 - 5/22 | 3:30-4:15 PM Register Online