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Level Three: Stroke Development (Stingray)


Participants, with the help of our experienced instructors, will build on the skills learned in previous lessons through supported practice in deeper waters. Participants will learn the foundation of backstroke as well as learning how to flutter, scissor, and dolphin kick. Participants will also learn the fundamentals of treading water. This class is open and inclusive to all abilities although contingent on the skill set listed below.

  • To immediately join this class, swimmers should be comfortable entering the water from the side of the pool into chest deep water, float on their front and back for 5 seconds unassisted, and push off of the wall and propel themselves using a combination of arm and leg movements for 5 body lengths.

  • Pleasant Valley Pool
    CARD Staff
    Suggested Ages: 7-10 years
    Lesson Fee: $68

SESSION 4 | July 18-July 28

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