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Little Wonders: Morning & Afternoon Options

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Little Wonders Preschool Program for Ages 3-5

Are you looking for an exciting preschool program for your child to start for the 2022-2023 school year? Look no further! Little Wonders is guaranteed to get your little one ready for kindergarten by making learning fun and adventurous! Through interactive play and stimulating hands-on activities, Little Wonders’ curriculum encourages exploration and discovery of both academic and social learning skills. Science experiments, cooking fun, field trips, animal discovery, and more, will cultivate a life-long enthusiasm for wonder and learning in your little one! Morning and/or afternoon programming is available.

Little Wonder participants must be fully potty trained, able to make transitions easily, and ready for an experience away from their families before starting the program.  

Program Instructor: Amanda Jean
Program Location: Dorothy Johnson Center at 775 East 16th St. in the Toddler Room (enter through the playground gates, and the classroom is the second door on the left)

MORNING PROGRAMS: Monday through Thursday

  • 8:15 AM-9 AM: Drop off your Little Wonder
  • 9 AM-12 PM: Each month will be filled with a variety of educational components that will set your little one up for a love of learning!
  • 12 PM-12:15 PM: Pick up your Little Wonder

AFTERNOON PROGRAMS: Monday through Thursday

  • 12:15 PM-1 PM: Drop off your Little Wonder
  • 1 PM-4 PM: Each month will contain awesomeness filled with wonder, excitement, and fun!
  • 4 PM-4:15 PM: Pick up your Little Wonder

What Else to Know About The Program:

Days & Times: Little Wonders runs Monday through Thursday Click here to review the program calendar to see holidays and days off.

Program Calendar Little Wonders 2022-2023.pdf

Enrollment & Fees: Registration and billing is on a month-to-month basis. Monthly fees vary based on the number of days of the program. CARD does not pro-rate for days unattended. Spots can be secured for the entire year by signing up for Automatic Payments, otherwise spots are filled on a first-come/first-serve basis. Participants can sign up for the morning and/or afternoon programming.

Participants that sign up for Automatic Payments will be processed on the closest business day which is 5 days prior to the last day of each month for the program the following month.

Automatic Payment Form Little Wonders 2022-2023.pdf

Program Details: For program details, click here to view the 22/22 Parent Handbook . Children must be able to use the restroom independently to participate in the program.

Parent Handbook Little Wonders 2022-2023.pdf


Each month runs Monday through Thursday. We are not able to prorate for specific days. Click here to review the program calendar. The monthly fee is based on the number of days of the program.

 Registration is first come, first serve each month, unless participants are signed up for Automatic Payments. 


Monday-Thursday, 9/6-9/29 (no program 9/5)


Dates: 10/3-10/31


Dates: 11/1-11/30 (no program 11/21-11/24)


Dates: 12/1-12/22


Dates: 1/10-1/31 (no program 1/9 or 1/16)

February 2023:

Dates: 2/1-2/28 (no program 2/20)

MARCH 2023:

Dates: 3/1-3/30 (no program 3/13-3/16)

APRIL 2023:

Dates: 4/3-4/27 (no program 4/10)

MAY 2023:

Dates: 5/1-5/18



Little Wonders Curriculum

  • Sciences & Technology: Science experiments and exploring technology will be integrated in Little Wonders.
  • Music & Art: Music will be listened to daily/weekly, and the use of basic beat patterns will be explored. Artwork will be a daily experience.
  • Math & Language: Math and Language will be worked on throughout the sessions with progressions each week.
  • Social Learning: Small and large group interactions during structure and open playtime to allow each Little Wonder to grow.
  • Emotional Growth: Positive behavior management is used to give each child the opportunity to learn and grow emotionally.
  • Play & Wonder: Hand-on experiences and play will be included each day. Interactive opportunities, field trips, cooking fun, animal discovery, and more will cultivate lifelong enthusiasm for wonder and learning!

Little Wonder Resources & Forms

Little Wonders Specific Forms:

Parent Handbook Little Wonders 2022-2023.pdfAutomatic Payment Form Little Wonders 2022-2023.pdfProgram Calendar Little Wonders 2022-2023.pdf

General CARD Forms;

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