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Microsoft Office Excel 2016 Part 1

Level 3 Class: This course includes basic functions of Microsoft Office Excel 2016. The skills we will learn include: Modifying Columns, Rows and Cells, Formatting Cells, Understanding Number Formats, working with Multiple Worksheets, Using Find & Replace, Checking Spelling, Page Layout and Printing. In addition, students will learn: Intro to Formulas, Creating More Complex Formulas, Relative and Absolute Cell References and Functions. These skills can be used for personal as well as professional endeavors. Basic computer literacy is strongly encouraged or subject matter may be difficult to understand and follow.  Students must complete registration before attending class. Please bring proof of enrollment with you. 

Instructor:  Sal Hernandez-Campos
Location:  Dorothy Johnson Center: 775 E. 16th St, Oak Room

Ages 18+
Fee $80

Course #5107
Fridays | 8/23 - 9/20 | 5:30 - 6:30 PM  - Register Online