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Money 101 for Middle School Students

Summer Camp

Do you want to learn how to save, invest and grow your money? In this camp, we will learn about credit and how to build a credit history, as well as personal savings and emergency funds. We will also explore stocks and mutual funds, including tracking different stock companies to understand how the stock market works. With our knowledge, we will then do some forecasting for your choices. It is never too early to learn about money and how to put it to work for you and your future!

Butte County CTE, 2491 Carmichael Drive Suite 500.
Jack Danielson, Financial Planning Instructor

  • Money 101 for Middle School Students
  • 6/14/2021 - 6/17/2021
    Monday - Thursday
    1:00-4:00 PM
  • Ages:12-14
  • $150