NEW - Theater 101

Have you always wanted to be on stage? To sing, dance AND act?  Maybe the process of auditioning scares you?  In Theater 101, everyone has a place on our stage. And everyone, no matter the part they are assigned, will learn from one of the best in the biz, Kaila Davidson. She will be helping every student be their very best! Davidson will be picking a production based on the students in attendance and through the process, she will also be teaching singing techniques, acting tips, stage presence and even secret auditioning hints! If you have a heart for theater, then you DO NOT want to miss out on this class.  Performances are Nov. 2nd and 9th. 

Instructor:  Apollo School of Music
Location:  Apollo School of Music, 936 Mangrove Avenue

Ages 10 - 17
Fee $200

Course #5516
M/W | 8/26 - 11/6 | 3:30 - 6:00 PM - Register Online