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Printmaking and Pattern Design

Using two types of relief printing, and stenciling, create multiples of the same original artwork by hand, on paper and fabric. Learn these printmaking techniques as well as an introduction to sourcing inspiration, printing a fine art edition, color theory, and pattern design for wrapping paper and fabric. The instructor will demonstrate, provide samples, and step-by-step hands-on instructions. Intermediate class builds on concepts from the beginning class such as printing an image with multiple plates, and registration. There is a material supply list available.

Instructor: John Wylie
Location: CARD Community Center  

Intermediate Print Making

Printmaking Supply List - Intermediate.pdf

AGE : 18+
FEE : $49

Course #9846
Wednesdays | 11/30 - 12/21 | 6:00 - 8:00 PM Register Online