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Scratch Junior Summer Camp

Summer Camp

In this fun series of Scratch Junior classes, we introduce students to the Scratch Junior platform. We will create a series of animations and games while learning about core coding concepts. For example, your child will learn loops, messaging, how to capture events in a game to take action, and a lot more. We will go from simple projects with different characters working independently, to connecting characters with complex actions. Your child will also get to apply their artistic skills to create their own sprites, tell stories, and share their math and science knowledge. Instructor: Create and Learn

  • Instructor: Create and Learn
  • Small class size.
  • Online via ZOOM
    Create and Learn

    • Scratch Junior - Intermediate
    • 8/2/2021 - 8/6/2021
      10:30 - 11:45 AM
    • Grades:K-3rd
    • $65