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Simple Email

Level 2 Class: This course is an introduction to electronic mail. Students will learn how to create an Email account, how to sign in and out of their account, how to compose and send messages, how to delete and recover mail, how to reply and forward mail, how to send an attachment, how to filter spam, how to print an Email and much more. This course will also teach students how to protect themselves from phishing and fraud. No prior experience with Email is required, however basic computer literacy is encouraged. Refer to Joy of Computers course for basic computer skills. Students must complete registration before attending class. Please bring proof of enrollment with you.  

Instructor:  Sal Hernandez-Campos
Location:  Dorothy Johnson Center: 775 E. 16th St, Oak Room

Ages 18+
Fee $70

Course #2484
Fridays | 5/18 - 6/15 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM - Register Online