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Tai Chi for Health and Serenity

Has your life become too hectic? Do you feel sluggish and without energy? Tai Chi is the movement of the human body, mind and spirit in harmony with nature. Tai Chi helps students achieve balance by slowing down the “too speedy” and energizing the “too slow.” Our students have reported a calmer mind, happier mood, decreased tension, increased power, and improved coordination. Be like the bamboo that bends but does not break-deeply rooted and flexible.

Instructor: Suzanne Roth, RPT
Location: PV Recreation Center, 2320 North Ave. (next to Bidwell Jr. High).

Age: 16+
Fee: Varies

Course #8447
M/W | 11/1 - 12/15 | 5:30 - 7:00 PM | $70  Register Online