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Volleyball League



All grades will be practicing on assigned days! See below for important League Information.

4TH-5th Grade

4th-5th Grade Early Bird Registration Deadline: 8/8/21 ($89)
4th-5th Grade Final Registration Deadline: 8/15/21 ($99)

4th Grade I Click here to register

5th Grade I Click here to register


6th-8th Grade Early Bird Registration Deadline: 8/8/21 ($105)
6th-8th Grade Final Registration Deadline: 8/15/21 ($115)

6th Grade I Click here to register

7th Grade I Click here to register

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Bump, Set, Spike! Do you have a volleyball player in your house? If so, this is the perfect league for them! Practices will concentrate on skill-building, setting, passing, spiking, digging, and serving. Each team will have one practice a week, and a 6-game guarantee during the season (6th grade and up will include an end-of-season tournament starting on game 6. No end of season tournament for 5th grade and below.)

Not only will each team focus on volleyball fundamentals and technique, but they will also introduce a new Word of the Week to include life skills that youth sports provide. Our goal is to create better athletes, but more importantly, better people.

Registration is available in all leagues based on the number of staff/volunteers available and facility space. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

CARD will be operating in full accordance with all state and county COVID guidelines. As of right now, all youth programming participants must wear a mask while indoors (we will update here if this changes before the program start).

UPDATES: Players will be emailed their team's information (from an email address) by 9/3/21 by 5 PM.

PRACTICE DAYS: NEW! Every grade will be assigned a specific practice day!  Each time will have one practice a week, for 1.5 hours. Practice start time will vary on each team between 3:45-6:45 PM. Practices will start the week of September 6. Each team will have one practice before their first game.

  • 4th & 5th grade practices are on Thursdays, games on Fridays
  • 6th grade practices are on Wednesdays, games on Fridays
  • 7th-8th grade practices will be on Tuesdays, games on Fridays

GAMES: Game schedules will be posted at by 9/3/21 by 5PM. All games will be on Fridays from 9/10-10/15. Game start times will vary, between 4-8PM. Each game is approximately one hour long. All game days are tentative and are subject to change. 6 game guarantee for all teams. 6th grade and above will have a single-elimination, end of season tournament (no end of season tournament for 5th and below)

UNIFORMS: Cost of a team shirt has been included in your registration cost. Shirts will be distributed on-site at the first or second game.

COACHES: Coaches in the 4th-5th grade league will be volunteers. Coaches in the 6th-8th grade league will be paid CARD staff.

BUDDY REQUESTS: One buddy request can be made during the registration process. Coach and practice requests will not be accepted. Please read the buddy request process closely when registering to ensure it is valid.

TEAM FORMATION: Teams will be loosely based on grade and where players attend school. Grades will be combined if there is not enough players in one grade to sustain a league. Genders will be combined for volleyball. All team formation is at the discretion of CARD staff.