Youth Basketball

Game Schedules/Tournament Bracket:

Practice Matrix: 

  • Click here to find the practice matrix for 4th-5th teams
  • Click here to find the practice matrix for 6th-8th Boys teams.
  • Click here to find the practice matrix for 6th-8th Girls team, and 9th-12th teams.
  • For specific questions about practice, please contact your coach.

Picture Schedule:

  • Click here to find the picture schedule for 4th-5th teams.

Extra Information: 

  • Seating is limited at all locations. Please bring a chair if you have one available.
  • Spectators must sit on the opposite sideline as the players and coaches.
  • Due to the size of the league and not being affiliated with any school district, we are unable to change the game schedule (including days/times) once it's posted live.
  • There is no tolerance for unsportsmanlike behavior from players, parents, or spectators.
  • Persons or players participating in activities sponsored by CARD are not covered in any way for personal liability, property damage, medical injuries, etc.