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Youth Sports General Information

CARD Youth Sports Philosophy: Every participant, player, parent, coach, official and staff is considered to be part of the CARD Youth Sports team. The golden rule of the Youth Sports team is to remember that we are here for the kids (they are kids first and players second!). We want to make every child in our program not only a better athlete, but more importantly, a better person through the life skills the youth sports can provide. We strive to achieve the below goals with every single child in our Youth Sports program and leagues: Promote respect, citizenship and sportsmanship Teach the fundamentals of sports, with progression of skills, drills and game play throughout the season/program. Make sure all players know that they are safe, they matter, they are supported, and they are connected to the team. Give all players a LOVE OF THE GAME that will spark an interest that will last a lifetime. 

CARD Code of Conduct: To ensure the safety of all participants and staff in our programs, individuals are responsible for adhering to program policies whenever at the program.  this includes use of appropriate language, a civil tone of voice, calm demeanor, respecting personal space and maintaining professional boundaries.  Any person who does not meet conduct expectations will be asked to leave the premises immediately, and the participant may be removed from the program.

Important Information

We want each participant to be prepared the first day of program. Therefore, we have detailed information sheets for each sport that you will receive at the time of registration. Information sheets are also available online at the specific sports page.  These information sheets are very important - make sure you get one!  We also utilize emails to distribute information. Please make sure your email is up to date at the CARD office and that you are checking it regularly for updates.

Buddy Request Information for Leagues

Click here for a buddy request

  • All requests must be turned iin before the final registration deadline.
  • No buddy requests will be taken on site.
  • You may only submit ONE buddy request for your child.
  • Please note, you may only request ONE buddy, requesting more than one will void your request.
  • A buddy request form must be completed and submitted by both requesting parties (buddies must request each other). Requested "buddy" must be in the same grade and attend the same school.
  • Please keep in mind these are requests only and we can never guarantee the request will be honored. 

General Youth Sports Jersey Information

In an effort to reduce program costs and offer lower program fees to our customers, we will be using a single jersey for all elementary sports. Each elementary sport will note whether the jersey is mandatory or optional in the sports description. Jerseys are available for purchase in the CARD office for $13. If you buy a jersey and your child out grows it, or is no longer going to use it, please donate it back to CARD for our "Almost New" jersey program that will help youth sports families in need of a jersey!

Sport Program | Jersey Requirement

Little Athletes Sports | Jersey purchase optional

Elementary & Jr. High Flag Football | Jersey purchase required. Mouthguards required to particpate in practices and games. No red or yellow shorts/pants worn during games.

Little Hoopsters | Jersey purchase optional

Elementary Basketball Leagues | Jersey purchase required

Jr. High & High School Basketball Leagues | Jersey cost included in cost of registration

Elementary Volleyball Program | Jersey purchase not necessary

Elementary, Jr. High & High School Volleyball Leagues | Team shirt included in cost of registration

ShortE All Stars/Toddler Sports | Jersey purchase optional


Practice Information for Leagues

All leagues are required to have at least one practice per week during the season (weather permitting for some sports).

Sport League | Practice Information

Flag Football | Practice time and location is determined by the volunteer coach

Elementary Basketball | Practice time and location is determined by the volunteer coach (could be outside if no other gym space is available). Coaches pick practice times/day based on when they turn in their volunteer application.

Jr. High & High School Basketball | Practice time and location is assigned to the coach by CARD at a community gym based on availability. 

Volleyball (all leagues) | Practice time and location is assigned to the coach by CARD at a community gym based on availability. 

Jr. Giants | Practice time and location is determined by the volunteer coach 


Team Formation Information for Leagues

  • Participants must register by school. Children who are home schooled will be placed at the discretion of the Recreation staff. All teams are ultimately formed at the discretion of the Recreation Supervisor.
  •  CARD reserves the right to add additional players to any team in order to meet the needs of the program. All youth are encouraged to enroll from each school.
  • Schools should not recruit only enough players to stay below the maximum as this does NOT guarantee that the school will not be combined with another we want everyone to play!
  • It is the discretion of the Recreation Supervisor to form teams for the best interest of the majority of the participants and the best interest of the league.
  • Please Note: While participants register by school, programs are CARD programs and are in no way governed by the schools or any school district. Participants must register in the grade they are attending, unless special permission has been given by the Recreation staff. Participants must register in the grade they are attending, unless special permission has been given by the Recreation staff. 
  • Coach's children will be guaranteed placement on that particular team.
  • If a school does not have enough players to fill a team, CARD reserves the right to distribute those players to other teams. There is no guarantee they will kept together, but we will do our best to do so.
  • There is no tolerance for unsportsmanlike conduct from players or parents.  Players or parents penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct will be penalized at the discretion of the Youth Sports Department.