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Private Lessons (Barracuda)


Private swim lessons are available for swimmers of all ages and abilities for a more personalized experience. These personalized lessons are ideal for students who learn better with individual attention, including but not limited to anxious first-time swimmers, adults who have not had the opportunity to learn how to swim, competitive swimmers who want to improve their technique, and triathletes who want to improve the first leg of their triathlon. If you’re wanting to progress faster, private swim lessons are a great option to maximize your (or your child’s) time with a swim instructor.

Pleasant Valley Pool
CARD Staff
Suggested ages: 3 years and older
Lesson Fee: $90

SESSION 5 | August 1 - August 11

Register Online Activity10223 | M-Th | 9:30 AM

Register Online Activity10224 | M-Th | 10:10 AM

Register Online Activity10227 | M-Th | 10:50 AM

Register Online Activity10226 | M-Th | 11:30 AM