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Volunteer to Coach

    We are currently accepting volunteers to clear their background check and be virtually trained, so they will be ready to go when we are able to run leagues again!

    All leagues for 5th grade and below are coached by a volunteer CARD coach. Each team will have approximately one practice and one game a week during the season (this may vary slightly by team). Coaches are required to put an emphasis on creating better athletes, and more importantly, better people by using youth sports as a vessel to learn life skills.

    Step 1: Complete the online CARD Volunteer Application (all volunteers must complete this only once during their tenure as a CARD volunteer)

    Step 2: Complete the online CARD Youth Sports Supplemental Questionnaire (all youth sports volunteers must complete this for each season they want to volunteer) 

    Once we receive the the information from the CARD Youth Sports Supplemental Questionnaire, we will email you within the next couple of weeks an update on meetings. The pre-season includes completing a background check (the background check must be completed through CARD). Volunteers are not eligible to start until they have completed their background check), attending a classroom meeting for new volunteers, and attending an on-site coaches meeting. Once the season starts, each team is required to have one practice a week (time/location is a the coaches discretion) and one game a week.

    We Need YOU to Volunteer

    Our awesome volunteers are what makes our programs so special. If you can volunteer 3-4 hours a week during the season, we can use your help! We are looking for dedicated people who are interested in spreading a "love of the game" while helping youth in a positive and safe environment. If you are interested in filling any of the below positions, please fill out a Volunteer Coach Application. Each positions requires getting fingerprinted, attending a pre-season and on-site meeting, holding one practice a week during the season, and attending games. 

    Fall Season (August-October): Flag Football Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for 3rd-5th grade teams.

    Winter Season (November-March): Basketball Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for 1st-5th grade teams. 

    Spring Season (April-May): Flag Football Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches for 3rd-5th grade teams.

    Summer Season (June-August): Jr. Giants Baseball Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Team Parents for K-7th grade teams.