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Private Adaptive Swim Lessons (Goldfish)


Adaptive swim lessons are designed for individuals (age 3 and older) with developmental, cognitive, and physical disabilities. These lessons are one-on-one with an experienced swim instructor who specializes in working with individuals with disabilities. Lessons are personalized for the specific needs of each participant. Not only do swim lessons provide lifesaving skills, but they can also be very therapeutic in nature. Being in the water can help soothe sensory overload and serve as a relief from any physical discomfort. Through our adaptive swim lessons, participants can receive all the benefits from swimming in a safe, supportive, and inclusive environment!

Pleasant Valley Pool
CARD Staff
Suggested ages: 5-12 years
Lesson Fee: $90

SESSION 1 | June 6-June 16 

Register Online Activity9394 | M-Th | 9:30 AM

Register Online Activity9395 | M-Th | 4:00 PM

SESSION 2 | June 21-June 29 | NO CLASSES OFFERED June 20

Register Online Activity9396 | M-Th | 9:30 AM

Register Online Activity9397 | M-Th | 4:00 PM

SESSION 3 | July 5-July 14 | NO CLASSES OFFERED July 4

Register Online Activity9398 | M-Th | 9:30 AM

Register Online Activity9399 | M-Th | 4:00 PM

SESSION 4 | July 18-July 28

Register Online Activity9400 | M-Th | 9:30 AM

Register Online Activity9401 | M-Th | 4:00 PM