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Adult Softball

Our current scheduled start date for Adult Sports programming is Monday, June 8th. However, this is subject to change based on County guidelines and the league dates may be pushed back. In order to be ready for a June start date, we have opened registration on May 22nd.

Please note that sports and activities may be modified to adhere to specific guidelines and all sports may not be offered.

Registration opens: Friday, May 22nd

Softball League Reference Guide

  • Men’s Competitive Leagues: D Leagues
  • Men’s Recreational Leagues: E Leagues
  • Coed Competitive Leagues: B League
  • Coed Recreational Leagues: D and E Leagues
  • Coed Casual League (Wednesday): Casual (no playoffs)
  • Women’s Competitive Leagues: B League
  • Women’s Recreation Leagues: C League

League Movement

Teams may be moved from their league of choice, at the discretion of the Adult Sports Department, should it be deemed beneficial to the CARD softball program as a whole. Prior team history and records will be considered upon league creation. Spring league champions MAY be moved up to a higher league for the subsequent season if deemed appropriate. Teams that struggle in a given league may also be moved down. Our goal is to facilitate proper league placement over the course of time. While you may not consider yourself a “B” or “C” level team, you may be one of the top teams playing on that evening, making it necessary that you play in a higher (or lower) league.

Summer League Slow Pitch

Game Times: 6:00 - 10:30 PM
Number of Games: 8 + Playoffs
League Dates: 6/8 - 8/14
Registration Deadline: 6/1
Team Fee: $380 

Men's Divisions

Monday Men's D - Register Online
Monday Men's E - Register Online
Thursday Men's D - Register Online
Thursday Men's E - Register Online
Friday Men's E-1 - Register Online
Friday Men's E-2 - Register Online

Coed Divisions

Monday Coed D - Register Online
Monday Coed E - Register Online
Tuesday Coed D - Register Online
Tuesday Coed E - Register Online
Wednesday Coed E - Register Online
Thursday Coed D - Register Online
Thursday Coed E - Register Online
Friday Coed E - Register Online

Women's Divisions

Wednesday Women's - Register Online