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World Dance via Zoom!

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Dances may be from countries such as Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Israel, England, USA, Greece, France, etc. These dances will be those typically part of the repertoire of the Chico World Dancers organization. Learning these dances in the privacy of one’s own home will help a person feel more confident to later join a local World Dance in-person class or party (post Covid 19).

When possible e-links to internet videos demonstrating the dance will be provided. These are invaluable to reviewing and practicing the dances presented in this class.

Studies have proven that learning dance is a great way to stay healthier. Both physical and mental exercise are extremely beneficial to our bodies!

Instructor: Memo Keswick 

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced

The first hour will focus on Beginner dances.  The second hour will focus on Intermediate and Advanced line and circle dances.

Age: 10+
Fee: Varies

Course #7902
Thursdays | 4/1 - 4/29 | 2:00 - 4:00 PM - $30 - Register Online

Course #8049
Thursdays | 5/6 - 5/27 | 2:00 - 4:00 PM - $25 - Register Online